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Ukrainian farmers

Agro Cooperative


About us

In these, hard for Ukraine times 5 farmers from west of Ukraine have come to a joint solution to unite their forces, resources and intellectual potential for the creation of real and transparent agricultural cooperative. We aim to build the cooperative which members will feel equal treatment in spite of business size and status, and receive a direct benefit from partnership and cooperation. Besides, our goal is to open for direct agro producers export opportunities and enter foreign markets with the various types of agricultural products building direct and strong relationships with the partners abroad.

5 members

of cooperative 

4 regions

 Rivne, Volyn, Zhytomyr, Khmelnitskiy  

17 500 he

of land



Oleg Levinskiyy

Head of Cooperative, more than 15 years of experience in agricultural business, initiator of cooperative establishment


Maksym Shvets

CEO, more than 15 year of managerial experience in agricultural business, project management, consulting and attraction of investments

Principles of cooperative work

We are building the cooperative following the best samples of world cooperation therefore we are governing the organization according to the next principles

Open and Voluntary Membership

membership in cooperative only on voluntary principles

Democratic Member Control 

democracy and equality in decision taking process that undermines that one member has the one vote and accordingly to this we built the executive management bodies on the voting basis 

Members’ Economic Participation 

active participation of members in economic undertakings of cooperative

Autonomy and Independence

autonomy and independence following which the membersa of cooperative set goals, rules and choose the directions for development only by themselves

Self development and open mindedness

self development and informational transparency, which contribute to the development of each membership of cooperative in his professional sphere and in the sphere of cooperation in general

Partnership and care

open partnership with other cooperatives and care for society



Sales of grains and oilseeds

we are forming the opt parties of products for sales, making the search for clients and executing the contracts

Attraction of financing

receiving banking financing, attraction of investments and grants


Transportation services

expedition services, transport services by own trucks and other techniques


making your management of business more effective, structural management of your projects

Sales of cultures 


Rapeseed6 300 t


Wheat (2-3 grade)22 000 t


Soybean 9 500 t


Corn45 000 t


Sunflower seeds9 000 t


Barley2 300 t

Heading photo

Membership in cooperative

Dear farmers, we are trying to build an effective and comfort organization for everyone and therefore, during a сertain period of time, we are testing procedures, rules and principles of work. That’s why we are not announcing the attraction of new members and will commence this process at the beginning of 2023. But even now you can fill a preliminary application form and leave information about your company.
Application form contains:

    Your farming household and region 
    Head of company, name and surname
    Size of land under cultivation, he
    Other info and your motivation to enter the cooperative


Our cooperative is open for partnership with suppliers, logistic companies, consultants and other. In case of interest you can fill the application form 

We are on wire from 09:00 till 18:00 every day

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News and blogs

Contacts and feedback 

Here you can leave the application form on cooperative membership, partnership or purchase of products 


Rivne, Evhena Konovaltsia st. 5, office 8




+38 067 360 19 00 Maksym Shvets (CEО) +38 098 830 84 51 Andrii Purii (Commercial Director)


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