Agro Cooperative

Agro Cooperative "Ukrainian Farmers" attended the 62nd annual exhibition of agricultural traders in Valencia (Spain)

On October 6-7, the Chairman of the agrocooperative the "Ukrainian Farmers" cooperative Oleg Levinsky and the executive director Maksym Shvets had the opportunity to visit the 62nd annual exhibition of agro-traders in Valencia. The purpose of the trip was to establish potential commercial relations with traders, processors, brokers abroad with the possibility of expanding the export potential of the members of the cooperative.

More than 100 companies were represented at the exhibition and at least 500 participants from different parts of the world visited the exhibition, including from Ukraine.

The fact that a cooperative from Ukraine came to the exhibition and can directly offer large volumes of products for sale caused considerable interest. Accordingly, it was possible to reach agreements on the sale of corn, soybeans, sunflower, the total volume of which should exceed 70,000 tons this year.

In particular, it was also possible to set netwroking relations between cooperatives from France and the USA, because one of the principles of cooperation is cooperation between cooperatives.